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 Sheila Marr

My wish is to help people find that place from which they can heal themselves, and in turn, their lives.


About me:

My early career in Civil engineering gave me a great understanding of land and how we interact with it. It also showed me how toxic the industry was, and left me feeling low and stuck in my life. I managed to move on from that life and learned so much about myself and how we can shape and create our own lives. My studies in Earth Healing were a short leap (but huge change) from the structural engineering and honed my gift of seeing dis-harmonious energy all around me.

I read, learned and studied everything that I was attracted to - thirsty for knowledge of this energetic world that had opened up to me. Dowsing; Crystals; Energy Healing; Plant medicines; Ley lines; Meditation; Tarot & Divination; Vibrational medicine - further developing my gifts of seeing and clearing illness & energy.

Shamanism is where I came back to my true self and found many lifetimes of the same. Connecting to the spirit of everything and most escpecially our Mother Earth. It is the root of my healing work now - a way of being, instinctive, of truth, profound and transformational.

I have also been teaching meditation for about three years after completing my diploma in the subject. I use the word teaching lightly, as I believe that once you have the initial guidance on how to meditate, it becomes your own journey, within yourself, and outwith yourself as your consciousness expands, and is set free. Personally, I have found meditation invaluable in my own life to help me manage the stresses of daily life, it helps me release tension from my body and brings me back to myself – I am always calm after meditating - centred, grounded and balanced – I feel it connects my body, my mind and my spirit.

In more recent years my interests and work have encompassed the more esoteric & metaphysical: Magic & alchemy; World ascension; Cellular healing; Ancient universal laws; Vibrational & sound clearing; Starlight channelings; Dragon energies; Synchronicity; The collective conscousness and more..

I embrace heart centred living and try to be fearless in being the change I wish to see in the world.

With love












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