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A course in self-discovery to enrich your life.

Learn how to :

Discover what brings you happiness,

Feel present in each moment,

Establish rituals for your life,

Tune-in and listen to your body,

Find that peaceful place within you,

Create a home that feels great.


Connect with the nurturing energy of our Earth to reveal the way to your true well-being and re-awaken the energy within you.

Explore the truth of you while releasing all that no longer serves you, allowing your vibration to rise.

Through teachings, healings and inner work, this course encourages a reconnection with nature, a loving bond between you and Gaia, the essence of the Earth. It is designed to help you restore your true conscious self as you allow a remembering of ancient ways of being. It will strengthen your connection to Spirit and support you in trusting in the energetics of the universe.

From the physical to the spiritual aspects of life, you will learn how to:

♥ Tune into your body,

♥ Connect with Gaia in creating a nurturing, supportive environment for your life,

♥ Detach from your issues in life and open to heart centred living,

♥ Discover your role in the world and bring focus to your life’s path,

♥ Trust your inner knowing through your connection with Spirit,

♥ Explore your ancestral path to create new legacies for the future of all.

It is a real awakening, an expanding of consciousness, bringing a sense of freedom through your natural self-healing abilities and being comfortable in your own skin.

On your healing journey you will receive:

♥  An initial consultation,

♥  One to one healing sessions as required,

♥  Six half-day core teachings including one to one sessions, workshops, discussions and  meditations,

♥  Further bespoke teaching sessions as required,

♥  Tasks of self discovery for you to carry out,

♥  Email or phone support.                                                                                                

Your commitment to your journey includes:

♥  Taking responsibility for your well-being,

♥  Being open to and allowing change in your life,

♥  Creating uninterrupted space to carry out your home tasks,

♥  Being available for your healing sessions (60 - 90 minutes each) and teaching sessions (half days),

A bespoke course created to suit you.

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