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'Our well-being depends on us feeling harmony in all areas of our lives, that the energy around us and within us is in balance’




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What SHEILA MARR is all about

 I am of the firm belief that our well-being and happiness depends on us living in harmony within ourselves, with each other and the planet. I also believe that we can create our own Heaven here on Earth and tap into the great love and abundance that surrounds us.

I am an intuitive shamanic healer, so whether you have disharmony in your body, home or life, I can help you to find and release the story that is blocking the natural flow in your life. Being alive on this Earth is such a wonderful experience - lets be truly present in every moment........



How are you Feeling ?

We need to trust our instincts and listen to our bodies if something doesn’t feel right and is affecting us.

Where you live is important to your life. Your home should be somewhere that you feel secure and relaxed, a peaceful haven that supports and revitalises you.

How you are affected by the energies in and around your home will have a direct effect on your well-being, how you live your life and your overall happiness. 

As energy moves around your property there might be areas where it becomes stuck and poor atmospheres may develop. There may be areas or rooms that feel cold, un-welcoming or just places that you would rather not go. You may feel anxious or fed up and find it difficult to relax.

By clearing any unwanted atmospheres and balancing the energies it ensures that you are living in harmony with your home. You will find that life is easier and you feel more relaxed and secure. 

The increased lightness allows an easy happiness to develop over time. As you start to love all of your home your happiness is imprinted on the place and it is enriched with your pleasure. This warm, nourishing energy is reflected back to you, healing you.



Geopathic Stress and Electromagnetic Fields

You may of heard these terms used?

A heavy feeling energy, also sometimes called 'geopathic stress', is a disruption or distortion in the Earth’s natural field causing an atmosphere to develop on the Earth’s surface. It can be caused by many things from underground streams to building works, quarries and tree-felling. Living in this energy has been linked to effects on your well-being from poor sleep, nagging illnesses and tiredness to wasting diseases, ME, anxiety, depression and infertility. See the Buildings and Land tab for how to have this energy cleared.

All power lines, electrical and electronic appliances produce an Electromagnetic Field (EMF). Outside we have Electricity pylons, substations, railway lines, phone masts, etc. In our homes we have low frequency fields from kettles, light bulbs, etc. to very high frequency fields from microwave ovens, wireless networks and mobile phones. If you are sensitive to EMFs, you may suffer from feeling constantly tired, irritation and being unable to relax, poor concentration and memory, lowered immune system.